Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diggers and Dumpers

If you don't know by now Zeke loves big trucks. We were so lucky to have tickets to the con-agg show that was here this weekend given to us, the show has all the trucks a little boy could dream about. Isaac was in heaven and had to have his pitcure taken by evey truck he saw, so thanks to kara and her parents we had so much fun.

This is a grater, and I only know that becouse of Zeke, so if you ever need to know the name of any truck just ask Zeke and he'll let you know

This was the biggest bulldozer we had ever seen, Mark could stand in it and his head wouldn't touch the top. It was kind of amazing to see how big these things are.

This was Zekes favorite truck he saw all day, the biggest dump truck he has ever seen, we had to walk around it for about 10 minutes, and had to take pitcures of him from every side of the truck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Last week we decided to get away and go to disneyland. Logan and Tonya planned a family trip to go, so mMrk and I jumped in on there family vacation. I't was so much fun Isaac loves to ride the rides, he could ride all most every ride at disneyland. Every time he got of a ride he threw a big fit crying saying he wanted to go again. People in line thhought he was crying because he was scared, but he enjoys it, so i'm trying to talk Mark into buying a annual pass, so we can go every month.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Zeke finally gets invited to a party!!!!

here he is playing with the balloon while everyone is playing a game.

here he enjoys the party snacks